What sort of branding photos do you need?


All of my clients come to me knowing they need shots to make them look great, but few know exactly what shots to ask for. Good thing that I'm the branding photographer, and that's my responsibility! Of course every one needs a proper headshot (or two!) but beyond that, what will really make you stand out as a leader?

Your branded photos should elevate you into the arena of thought leader.
— Kristin Hardwick

Yes, you've heard me ask the question, "What do you want to be known for?" because it dictates a lot of how your photoshoot is designed, and what the final usage requires. Looking ahead to what opportunities you might want to prepare for helps us create a portfolio of images that you'll love for a long time. That being said, there are a few standard types of images that I start all branding photoshoots with:

  • Proper Headshots
  • Lifestyle Portraits
  • Working Portraits
  • Prop Photos

Let's take a look at the each of these shots...


Proper Headshots

Regardless of industry or profession, you need a great headshot, and even better if you have a handful of ones to choose from. Great for your website, author bios, speaking gigs and more, headshots are the foundation of a professional image. These should have you looking straight at the camera, with a warm inviting expression, and should be close up enough that your face is instantly recognizable. I recommend having a variety of headshots in different outfits so you can refresh your profile photo as you see fit. 


Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portraits, or environmental portraits, are almost always my client favorites! We want to give your audience a feel for what it's like to be around you, get to see your personality, and in general know your vibe. Also the most fun to shoot, these are great for your social media, marketing, and even book covers. 


Working Portraits

Working portraits show what it's like to work with you. These will look different depending on your industry (obviously), but also based on your long term goals. If you're working on being a nation level public speaker, we'd want to photograph you strutting your stuff on stage. If you're a leader in the local real estate market, we're going to photograph you in a gorgeous home. Make sense? Liza Witonis is a Personal Wealth Coach, and she works with her clients remotely, via her laptop, phone, or on skype calls, so we photographed her accordingly. 


Prop Photos

Prop photos are a completely separate blog post (coming soon!) because there is definitely a bunch of different ways to work a coffee mug into your brand! Before we cover that, start thinking about what items in your life represent your personality and brand....


In summation...

Your branded photos should elevate you into the arena of thought leader. You can be the absolute smartest person in the room, but if you're not putting yourself forward as such, your climb to success will be a lot harder. Own your expertise, and let's show it off - in a fun and personal way!