Do's + Dont's of Holiday Cards

Tis the season for celebrating the seasons, and your clients shouldn't be left out of the fun!! I personally love giving and receiving holiday cards (the written word is part of my love language!) but there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do this for your brand. 

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Sending holiday cards is an opportunity to connect and say thank you - it’s NOT an opportunity to Spam your list.

Here are a few do's and don'ts of sending Holiday cards:



Make it personal. No one opens the cards that are very obviously mass printed and have never seen a pen. Handwritten is best! 

Include a short note: "Grateful for you this season, and all year." "Hope the Holidays bring you joy!" "Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!" It doesn't have to be long, but make sure it's something more than your name scribbled. 

Do include your face or your team's face. Want to stand out from all your competitors who ordered 500 boxed sets of a winter scene? Include YOU in the card. It doesn't need to be your formal headshot, be creative here, and involve the staff! A local doctor's office did a photo last year of the whole staff recreating a scene from A Christmas Story. It was both fun, AND memorable. (oh and don't think it has to be complicated, this took them about 10 minutes of time outside, and was also a great team building moment!)

Do make sure it's on brand. You knew I was going to say this right? Choose a card that fits your brands overall aesthetics. Don't go with rustic if your brand is really chic, or with something super formal if you're more lighthearted. Be intentional here, you want your clients to recognize it as from you, before seeing the name. 

Send it to both clients, and vendors you have relationships with. The partners that you refer business to, a thank you to that one vendor who's tackled a tricky situation for you or anyone you want to appreciate. 

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Please for the love of all the donuts, DO NOT send cards that you did not sign. Stamped?! Printed on the computer?! BLANK?? Put some pen to paper here, or don't bother. 

Don't send a card that has no message. What's the point? (I've received enough of these that I really feel like I needed to add it.)

Don't send a card from an entire Business. "Happy Holidays from Conglomerate" doesn't have the same warm and fuzzy feeling as "Happy Holidays from Bruce, at Conglomerate", does it? Put a name on it. If you ARE sending a card from an entire group, whoever has the actual relationship with the client should sign it, aka "from Steve and team!"

Don't send whatever card is cheapest. I'm not saying you need to break the bank here, but if you are sending low-quality dollar store cards, that don't match your brand and are super generic... what will that do for your brand? Think of what you want to send based on your brand (see above) and then find options that will fit your budget. There are plenty of options, from templates to custom designed work. I personally use Tiny Prints (affiliate link), because the quality is stunning and the price is right, but you can also order from wherever your marketing pieces come from. All of these designs I mocked up in Tiny Prints to give you an idea of what you can create. 

Don't send to your entire list. This one might be a bit controversial, but if you have 5000 people in your database, but only have done actual business with 500 of them, send cards to those 500 people. Consider who you actually have a relationship with, and who you want to love on, and send to them. 

Don't be overly religious. It's likely that you'll have people of many different faiths on your list, and you want to be inclusive to all. If you don't normally include religion in your branding and marketing, then don't include it now. 

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This is such a fun opportunity to love on your clients, show your appreciation and also let them see a bit more of your brand's personality. You could do a Thankful card around Thanksgiving, or a New Years Card after the holiday, or just a proper Holiday card. 

If you need photos for your team, I'd love to help! There are so many ways to work holiday props, funny movie scenes, and even just basic wardrobe choices into a photo to give it an elevated look for this. The opportunities are endless! Contact me for booking NOW - time is a wasting! 




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