Branding Photoshoots - and a special offer!

Ever sit up in the middle of the night, like a lightening bolt hit you, with so much clarity for a problem, you can't go back to sleep??

Let me back up.

I love photographing women. It's what I do. I love it because I want to empower women to feel good, to accomplish more, to have confidence in business and in relationships. Many times though, even the most brave among us stall when it comes to their own image. They want to wait to invest until later... focus on their business first, then their family, then maybe themselves. It's just who we are, right? This was so frustrating to me because I know the difference gorgeous photos can make for someone, personally and professionally. So I was struggling with HOW can I help my clients the most? How can I best serve what they need, AND give them what they want?

Cue the lightening bolt.

Leah Richardson, Dancer at Brixham Danceworks

Leah Richardson, Dancer at Brixham Danceworks

Personal Branding Photoshoots

This is the best of both worlds. You get GORGEOUS photos of yourself, and your business gets GORGEOUS photos that propel it into pro status. A Personal Branding Photoshoot will quickly elevate you above the competition, and let you stand out in a noisy market.

Each session will include: 
1) Branding consult either in person or via skype. Let's get really clear on who you are, and why you're in business. 
2) Wardrobe Consultation. To review both your style and your business' style. We'll discuss not only what items photograph well, but what fits your brand. 
3) Professional Hair and Makeup Styling. Let one of my licensed hair and makeup artists make sure you're looking like the best version of YOU. 
4) Custom photoshoot. Headshots, as well as lifestyle portraits, sales funnel images, and the "result" clients get from working with you. 
5) 25 images for web, social media, print and media. - A versatile portfolio that will be useful for 24-48 months (or more).

Who is this perfect for? Anyone who is tired of looking like everyone else in their field, and being mediocre at that. If you're completely over trying to find a photo for your instagram page that looks ok, or if you know your website looks like it was DIY with stock photos, then this is for you. If you're just ready to take things from "starting out" to "killing it" then this is for you.

Alyssa O'Mara, Owner of The Vanity Room

Alyssa O'Mara, Owner of The Vanity Room

Also - and this is the part I really am excited about - feel like you don't have a solid handle on what your 'branding' is? Not a problem! We will work through that at the beginning, getting you super clear on what it is you do, for whom, and why. That alone is super powerful in getting things done in business, don't you think?

Here's the deal: A Personal Branding Photoshoot is $2400, BUT I'm offering a $600 discount to the first 10 people that book, making it $1800! And I'm releasing this offer to you, before sharing it tonight to our networking group and tomorrow on social media.

I want to photograph not just the business you HAVE, but the business you WANT to have. Let's make this happen for you!

Yeah, I'm that excited about this.

I want you to see the benefits of putting more of your personality into every image used in your business. I’ve seen the amazing rewards my clients have had from doing that, and I believe every entrepreneur, small business owner, and creative person can benefit from doing the same.

Let's put more YOU into your brand.

Lydia Foley, Owner/Broker at Purple Finch Properties

Lydia Foley, Owner/Broker at Purple Finch Properties