Personal Branding Session for Amber Logue

As I continue to refine my process for my clients, I return to the question of WHAT do they need most? Obviously beautiful photos, but what do those photos need to do for them? The answer is different for each client, based on their individual personality, goals, and industry, but for Amber Logue, the answer was versatility.

See, Amber is the Head of Operations for one of the fastest growing companies in NH. She's also a leader in the community, volunteering for more organizations than I can list here, as well as being a Big Sister to her unofficial Little Sister. In addition to that, she provides coaching to a select few clients who need clarification on their goals, both professionally and personally. 

As you can see, she's a woman who's taking on the world, and doing so in a humble but insistent way. She's a force. And she needed photos that truly captured what's she doing now, and that will withstand whatever opportunity is brought to her.

And not to give away all her secrets, but if you're not already following her on instagram, make sure you do. 


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