What to do with your gorgeous new headshots

I love when clients book me, we have an AMAZING killer photoshoot, they end up with headshots that they love, and then they leave them sitting on their hard drive, forever. NO I DO NOT. 

Don't let your beautiful photos sit there, not working for you!!

As much as I hate that this happens, I totally get why. You get busy, you get distracted with all the other demands on your time, and you have every intention of uploading your headshots to Facebook and your website. But then something else needs your attention first, or you start to think about all the different places you need to do it, and you become overwhelmed. Overwhelm sucks. 

If you spent the time, money, and energy on getting headshots that show you off in the best light, you need to put them to work. Let them do their job, and elevate you in the marketplace. To make this super easy, I created a checklist for you to go through. Set aside an hour this week, and get your online footprint looking pro. 

What to do with yourgorgeous headshots (2).png

1) The easiest and most obvious starting point is your website About Me page. Log into your management site, or fire off the email to your website developer. Total Time: 5 mins.

2) Did you know that email signatures that include a photo increase trust and credibility with your audience? Also - this is a great way to add a personal touch and let people feel like they know you. I use WiseStamp.com to create mine, since it's free and easy, but there are plenty of other options! Total Time: 10 mins if you play around with fonts

3) Updating your Social Media profiles is probably the most fun of these tasks because you'll immediately start getting feedback (likes and comments) and that feels good! But don't get sucked into the scroll; update your photo, and then move onto the next platform. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Feel free to use different profile pics on different platforms, BUT they should all be cohesive, on brand, and easily recognizable as you. Total time: 10 mins.

4) Google profiles feed into so many other apps, that it's worth taking the time to update your photo here. Ever hop onto a video conference call and see a photo of yourself from 7 years ago? Google's feeding that. Same thing with old blogger apps, etc. Do this now, and avoid confusion later. Total time: 2 mins.

5) Finally, add your photos to your Press Kit. It's appropriate to add 1-3 images, so that editors have a choice when they are featuring you. I recommend my clients keep their press kit in a dropbox folder so it's easily accessible, and able to be sent off directly from the app on your phone. Total time: 2 mins.

Total time spent: 30 minutes if you add in a coffee refill!

From here, you can obviously use them for so many other applications: your book cover, your bio at your next speaking event, your amazon prime profile (what? you don't update that too?) Where else are you excited to use your headshots? 

If you're realizing all the places your face is seen, and not in love with the image you're putting out, I'd love to talk! Contact me to discuss how you'd like to be photographed!!