Style Collective Podcast Interview with Annie Spano, talking about Branding Photography and Mindset Work

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Have you ever found someone online, that you immediately relate to, and then absorb every bit of content that they've created? No, me either, that would be weird. ;) Annie Spano is one of those women for me. She's motivated, kind, intelligent, and has style for days. When I got the chance to be on her podcast, Becoming Fearless, I was over the moon. 

Besides having a few geographic locations in commons (NH and Upstate NY!) we both made the journey from corporate America to self employed, and now serve other entrepreneurs. In this episode, we chat about how I fell in love with photography (a boudoir shoot on a Boston rooftop!), and then fell in love with business and marketing. We chat about recognizing your niche, being willing to communicate, and why your mindset in business matters.



Find Annie at the following locations online, and check out the Style Collective, where she's created a platform for bloggers, stylists, and influencers to connect, grow, and learn together. 

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