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The Universe is a funny thing... ok, really I mean that Social Media is a funny thing, but they are similar, amiright? Last month I was honored to be interviewed by Rachel Wentworth, powerhouse woman of Forty Winks Lingerie, and hostess of Keeping Shop: Brick + Mortar Podcast. How we met is kind of a funny story...

I somehow stumbled on the Forty Winks Instagram page last year, and as a lover of all things pretty, instantly became obsessed. Clicked Follow, and then double tapped more than a teenage stalker. LOVED their stuff. Naturally, I shared with my closest girl friends, because you don't keep a fun new boutique to yourself! From there, Rachel and I connected on Facebook, and became online friends. *Note: my husband thinks this is totally weird, but it happens enough lately that I'm assuming everyone does this, right? 

A year later, my friend Amber and I decided to take an afternoon off from building our empire (#kidding) and head to Boston to check out Forty Winks and get some lunch. Imaginw my surprise when not only was Rachel-my-internet-friend actually working, but she recognized me, and was just as fun in person as she was online. Boom. Made to be friends! And also made to be friends that you get to listen to talk shop. 

In this episode, you get to hear us discuss:

  • How and why my photography space came to be
  • Establishing how to stand out as a New Hampshire photographer, or any business really.
  • Tips for being collaborative in business and community
  • How I handle the About Me section of my clients brand
  • Our belief that balance is a big fat lie
  • Why I am a headshots photographer and not a wedding or newborn photographer.

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