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Personal Trainer Holly Bly is like the fit best friend you can confide to about your insecurities (and also your inability to jump without peeing) who also makes custom playlists for your workout! Quirky, relatable, but also fun and goal orientated, she keeps you on track and cheers for you every step of the way. Workouts with Holly are more like hanging out, with a side of good endorphins and newly found core muscles. After I spent the day photographing her for her website and social media, I asked her if I could interview her for the blog, about her path to owning a business, and what makes her different from all the other trainers in NH. 

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Can you tell me about your background as a fitness trainer: I’m certified with NASM as a personal trainer. I'm also a member of IDEA, and am trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness. I’m continuing my education forever; I’m currently studying nutrition and functional movement. 


What made you decide to go into business for yourself vs getting a job at a gym?  Freedom and Family. I teach at my home, not a club for that reason. Freedom to set the hours that work for myself and my clients. Freedom to serve the people I work best with. Making my own choices vs being handed instructions from corporate, regarding how to train individual clients. My family is my number 1 priority, I really am a stay at home mom, who has also has a passion for this. So I wanted to do both.

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Who are you trying to help/work with? My main focus will always be other moms, young girls, women who need help building confidence. It’s not just about being fit, it’s about finding your happiness as well. Beyond workouts, we focus on nutrition, habits, check-ins, camaraderie, support, accountability, motivation, goal tracking, outside perspective to remind you of your goals and successes, and knowledge to help overcome obstacles. Inspiration. A positive mindset will be the thing that makes you successful long term. 

It’s not just about being fit. It’s about finding your happiness as well.
— Holly Bly


What’s your favorite part of your job? Teaching people something new. Specifically with moms who are former athletes. You get so trained in one sport, that you often forget about the basics, creating balanced muscles, and new skills. Seeing the lightbulb moments and then the progress is so validating and exciting. 

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What was your big vision for your life as a mom, and how does this fit into it? I wanted to be MILF! Haha, just kidding, don’t put that in. (Kristin’s note: obviously I did.) I always wanted to be healthy and inspiration for my kids, by letting them see that I work out every day but also that I help others as well. I’ve built a business around my family, not the other way around.


Where do you see yourself in 1-3 years? Changing lives of the women in Souhegan Valley!


What makes you different from the other personal trainers in NH? I have a beautiful in home gym, not affiliated with larger corp, where my clients can come.  I meet people where they are at, I don’t put my clients in a cookie cutter routine. Individual plans for everyone! I am forever learning and investing in new trainings to be on the cutting edge for my clients, while having the background in education to weed out the fads that won’t produce results. I teach my clients how to create a lifestyle, not a quick fix, to create lasting health changes beyond a pants size. I want people to know that I’m not affiliated with any other product. I recommend what’s best for each individual client based on their needs, and not based on what I’m compensated for selling.


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What are some common obstacles your clients face? Time. Knowledge. Habits. Structure. 


How do you help them overcome those? Accountability. Giving them the tools and the map for the process. I don’t let them go on their own until we are both confident that they know what to do, how to do it, and have the habits built to sustain their new lifestyle. 


What would you suggest for anyone just starting out on their fitness path? Listen to your body. What if my body is saying more carbs please? Then you get them in fruits and vegetables, not bread. Trust in the process. Don’t give up so quickly. Focus on how you’re feeling, and not just what you’re seeing. 

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As a former athlete, would your advice be different for new moms who have an athletic history? No, but, I’d add that you REALLY need to trust the process and to not hold your body to the same standards you had pre baby. Our bodies are amazing, and moms know that more than anyone, but you really need to trust the process, and take it one day at a time.


You and your husband both run, and compete in many of the same races. Who’s faster? I used to be, before he was a runner. Then I signed him up for a 5k, and asked him to start running with me… bad idea!! Now he is… 

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How do you manage to both get your workouts in, if you’re busy juggling jobs, a business, and two young sons? I prefer working out before they get up, and he prefers working out at night. When it was just one son, we’d take turns pushing the jogging stroller and get our runs done together. 


What would you say to the busy moms (ahem all of us) who feel like we can’t make time for workouts? You can’t take care of your family 110% if you don’t take care of yourself first. Besides, it teaches your kids how important health is, and it also shows them it’s ok to take care of ourselves. 



What races or events do you have on your calendar for 2018? Where can people find you? Harpoon 5k! Reach the Beach, again, this will be our 6th time. Horseneck Half Marathon. Possibly some others, we are keeping it open. 


Favorite guilty pleasure: Beer and pretzels! My husband and I love craft beer. 


What’s your favorite current exercise? What’s your least favorite? Well I just got a Slamball and that’s pretty fun!! Burpees are also awesome! I loathe doing anything boring. Things that are repetitive, aimless purposeless…. like walking on the treadmill. Working out to check a box, and not knowing what specifically I’m working on.


If you only had 15 minutes to workout, what would you do? HIIT: weights and cardio burpees! Effective, fast, and total body. Best bang for the buck. 




What fun things can we expect from HBFitness this year? I’m super excited to be offering group classes starting in February! They are perfect for all fitness levels, an alternative to happy hour with the girls, bring your friends, and indulge in some endorphins. 



I think what's most contagious about Holly's energy, is her belief that being healthy leads to happiness. She believes in balance, moderation, and fun! If you're interested in checking out her classes, you can find her online at www.hbfitnessnh.com, or follow her on Instagram or Facebook!

So, what would you want her to put on your workout playlist?? I'm always in the mood for some Beastie Boys or some Mackelmore when running...