Stop Their Scroll - Announcing Social Media Minis

Photo cred: Kelly Anne Photography

Photo cred: Kelly Anne Photography


It's the beginning of the week and you're determined to get your social media feed all scheduled and ready to go. You've made it a priority. Ok, so what do you share? Where do you get stock images? What seems like an easy task quickly becomes an overwhelming time grab as you go down the rabbit hole of trying to find stock images, or trying to get shots of your messy desk to look pretty enough. It's frustrating, and frankly, is taking you away from doing the tasks in your business you really love to do. It's a waste of energy and money, and most importantly, your time. 

Consider your frustrations over, as I am so excited to start offering Social Media Mini Sessions to you, and give you swoon-worthy images that are custom to your brand, done quickly, and on a budget. Perfect for updating as quickly as your business shifts, or the seasons' change.

As business owners, we’re expected to have fresh content every day - and it’s exhausting.

What's included?

For an introductory price of $300,  you get a one hour session to photograph your behind the scenes, tools of the trade, and even styled layflats that fit your brand colors, themes, and story. You get 20 images to use, and I'll even show you how to crop them for maximum usage and versatility. 

(What's not included? Headshots, or lifestyle portraits. These are meant to be content images that support your branding, not portraits of yourself or your team.)


Who is this perfect for?

Anyone who is looking to grow their social media following in 2018. If you're a small business who sells products or services, this is a good fit. If you're building a personal brand as an influencer, this is a good fit. If you're tired of looking at your competitors' social feeds and feeling less than, when you KNOW you can serve your audience if only you could convey your value, this is a good fit. If you're planning to book a full branding shoot for your website this year, and just need some images to tide you over, this is a good fit. 

Photo Credit: Chloe Malsick

Photo Credit: Chloe Malsick


I want these to be the content filler for your days when you stare blankly at your phone and think... what the heck do I even post?? I don't want you to be wasting time trying to find images that maybe sort of work for your brand, when you should be focusing on serving your clients, building your business, and *gasp* enjoying your days. 

One last thing...

If you're hesitating because you're unsure if better photos are going to make a difference to your bottom line, remember that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and the first impression of your business is always going to be based on the visuals. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression - let's make it one you're excited about!


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