To Makeup or Not? That is the question.

I've been working with Sarah Bombard of Premiere Makeup for about a year now, and she's been such an instrumental member of the KHP team. She puts my clients at ease, asks all the right questions, and her work is flawless. From the truly natural look, to a smoky eye, she's got it dialed in. I asked her to answer a few questions about makeup for your branding photoshoots, to give you the inside scoop. 

Sarah Bombard, photo by Lindsey Snavely Photography

Sarah Bombard, photo by Lindsey Snavely Photography


First of all, do you NEED professional makeup for your shoot? You might not. If you have even skin tone, get enough sleep and water, and don't wear makeup when you meet your dream clients, then I'd say it's totally fine to skip it. The camera does tend to wash most complexions out, though, so even if you want a natural "no makeup" look, it may be worth it to go with a professional makeup artist, like Sarah.

To Makeup ornot to makeup.jpg

What sort of look do you want?

When you sit down in front of Sarah, the first thing she's going to ask you is "what do you want", because she's kind and cares about your opinions! However, if you're like most clients, you don't know what to ask for. So I had her break down the 'looks' for us, so you can get a feel for what's what. 

From Sarah:

Light makeup is what Holly chose (right), and can be best described as light coverage on the skin, light eyeshadow, and maybe pale liner with mascara. A light lip or nude is often chosen, as well. Kristin's note: For a comparison, on the left here, is Mia, who chose no makeup. She wanted to appear as she normally does when meeting her clients, and as a triathlon coach, this is pretty accurate. She also is a nut about her hydration and skin, and is one of the few people I know who can pull this off :) She showed up to her shoot, slicked on some eyeliner and lipstick, and we were off and running. *pun intended. 


Medium Makeup would be a contoured eyelid with colored shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. An example can be seen here, on the beautiful Gina (left) and Angela (right). Perfect for those who wear makeup in their day to day lives, and who want to look like themselves, only more polished. Goes great with a bold lip color!  


Heavy Makeup would be darker colors, bolder lashes and/or when the shadow line and lashes stand out. Sometimes clients ask for a smokey look, when they want a heavy look. A smokey eye is actually a technique and not referring to its color. A Smokey eye is when the shadow, the liner. and the lashes are all blended together. This can be in a dark color or in a subtle way! Darla (left) and "Meg I'mNotAfraidOfMakeup" (right) both chose a heavier look, but it's done in such a beautiful way to enhance their features. 


There are so many pros to having your makeup done professionally for your shoot. A pro like Sarah understands where the light is going to hit, and how to avoid hot spots in camera (those are shiny bright spots on your forehead and such that we don't want!!). She can contour your face (without looking like a tiger) to accentuate your best features. She can camouflage imperfections, and most importantly, she can make you feel uber confident - which always translates to the camera! 



How to pick the perfect lip shade

Finally, a few friends on Instagram asked her for recommendations on choosing the best lip color. Here's what Sarah had to say: 

The topic of choosing the perfect lip color could be written about for hours! I’ll try to keep it brief and simple. The short answer is you first need to determine if you are a warm skin tone or a cool skin tone. How does one do that you ask? Lift up your sleeve, or your multiple sleeves (geez it’s really fricken cold here), and take a look at your forearm. Do your veins appear blue? Then you’re cool my friend! Do your veins appear green? Then you are warm! Do some veins look blue and some look green? You’re both!!

Bite Lipstick

Bite Lipstick


Once you find out what color family you should stick with then all you need to do to choose a lip color that’ll look good on you is to pick a cool or warm tone. Everyone can rock a red lip or a bold trendy color they just have to choose the right tone! Cool lip colors will have a blue undertone and warm lip colors will have an orange undertone. Those of you lucky ducks who have both can wear either! Quick tip, if you choose a bold lip color, bright or dark, it’s best to keep your eye makeup on the subtle side. Always choose eyes to stand out or lips! Don’t want to overpower your face. Let you shine through!



A giant thank you to Sarah for spelling this all out for us! If you need a makeup artist for a your next speaking gig, a night out, or a wedding, be sure to reach out to her. And of course, all branding photoshoots with KHP include hair and makeup! 

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