Intentional Branding = An Intentional Life


I firmly believe that by being intentional when designing your brand photoshoot, you will also intentionally design your dream life.


Yeah, let me explain. I meet a new client, who needs branding photos for their business. She's an author, and about to embark on the speaking circuit, but hasn't landed her first speaking gig yet. We start to discuss her goals and preferences, and then design her shoot.

  • What does she want to be known for?
  • Where does she see herself ultimately speaking?
  • Who are her ideal clients?
  • What does she wear to meet her ideal clients?
  • Why does she want this dream brand?

In her dream life, where does she hang out, grab a drink, or socialize? What parts of her personality are we showcasing, and what future accolades are we preparing her for?


Didn't think all of that goes into a branding shoot? It does because we want to give you images that work for your current situation, but also for the future of your brand. When the media needs you to send over a headshot, or you get asked to sit on a panel, and they want to feature your website, you will be ready. If you've got goals of speaking to large audiences, let's get some shots of you behind a podium (yes, we can stage that)!

It's like a vision board. Once we create these images of you that showcase you authentically, in your dream version of your business, you are declaring to the world what you bring to the table, and what you'd like your life to look like

Identifying what you want to be known for allows you to hone in on your specialty, and lets us create images that speak to that niche. You'll know exactly how you can help others, and others will know who to refer to you, for your specific expertise.

What about locations? Where do you want to work, be it on stage, in upscale restaurants, or outdoors at the beach? By showcasing that in your photos you allow others to see what it feels like to work with you. They can imagine themselves there, and you'll start to create opportunities that lead you to these specific places. Additionally, you're more likely to spend time in these places, if your website and social media presence shows you there (trust me on this one). 

Once you nail down who your ideal clients are, we can create images that speak to them, and you'll start to see your days fill up with people whose energy you love. This leads to your days being filled with good energy. You stop attracting people who want you to lower your prices, or do work that's outside your scope of expertise. 


You'll have a better idea of your style, because, look, we have photos of you looking your best, and you can easily replicate that. I bet that next time you're out shopping, you'll know which colors or style fit your brand, and regardless of budget, you can recreate that look. 

What is your why? Are you super clear on your mission, and why you want to make this a success? This one thing will clarify a whole lot for your business, and especially for your life. 

Believe it until you acheive it.
— unknown

And most importantly? You've got the confidence. You took the time to declare to the world that this is who you are, this is what you stand for, and this is who you serve. Being intentional about building that brand has led you to attract your ideal clients, spending time in your ideal locations, and even curating an ideal look. It's an ever-evolving process, for sure, but your photo shoot serves as a custom vision board for your life. 

Vision boards work. Not so sure? This article from Forbes, and this article from The Huffington Post both detail out the psychology of why these are effective: because visualization is a powerful tool for our minds. Everyone from Olympic athletes to top CEO's use it to create their results and they all agree it's important to focus on how you want to feel. I would suggest the same thing for your branding photos: how do you want to feel in them, and how do you want your clients to feel when looking at them?


When you decide what you want your dream photoshoot to look and feel like, you know have a vision board to make that dream a reality. Every day. In your business and in your life. Having a portfolio of images that depict you at your best is not just an important investment for your business, but for your life. Create your vision, and let me bring that to life for you.  Ready to get started?