June Networking Opportunites


I know that everyone cringes at the word networking, but really, you have to tell people about your business and what you're all about. More importantly, you have to learn about other people, their business, and their needs. In short, you have to network. 

Networking can be fun if you approach it correctly! When choosing where to spend your time, consider the following things:

1) Where are your ideal clients? Who else already has their attention and could share referrals (and you with them, this is a two way street guys)?

2) When do you have time to network? Are morning coffee hours best, a midday lunch gathering, or is happy hour your free time? Look at what works for your schedule, and find something that fits.

3) Remember to smile, introduce yourself and ask questions! Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so be sure to lead with an open ended question. Others are just as nervous as you are.

4) Mind the follow up! Try to leave each event with 3 new contacts, and then actually follow up with them. In the week after, send them a short note letting them know you enjoyed meeting them, ask what else you can do to help their mission, or let them know of a good connection you can make for them. Be helpful! It's how this community thing works :)

Not sure where to start? Here is a list of events you can check out this month, in the Nashua/Manchester area:

June 6th, 6:30pm Tuesday's Together,  Studio of Photographic Arts, Manchester

June 6th, 8:00am, Coffee with the Mayor, Jajabelle's, Nashua

June 13th, 5:30pm Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours, Eaton and Berube, Nashua

June 20th 5:30pm Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours, JM Princewell, Milford

June 27th, 5:30pm Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce Networking, Labelle Winery, Amherst

And many more! Search on facebook, on eventbrite, or even ask your friends. We'll be adding a Women's networking event to this list, as well as the iUgo June Social as soon as dates have been firmed up. Check back soon!