The KHP Insiders Club

It's here! It's here! IT'S HERE!! Yeah, I'm THAT excited about this, because I've finally created a way to give you more photos, on a budget, and add in a bunch of marketing goodies along the way. Consider this your formal invitation to the KHP Insiders Club!

The average small business owner posts on social media at least once a day, and often up to three times. Add in a marketing calendar, seasonal sales and events, and the need to just look polished and put together (especially on the days when you're not), and you can see how easily you might easily need 75-100 fresh photos - a month!  That's overwhelming for anyone and I'm here to make it easy and accessible for you to have gorgeous photos - all on a budget.

KH Insiders Club (1).png


What you get:

Silver: Headshots for One, 4X a year *$99/mo*

Gold: Headshots and Social Media Mini Session, 4x a year *$199/mo*

Platinum: Headshots and Social Media Mini Session, 12x a year $499/mo*

What the what?!! Yeah, I really want to work with you guys more often, and make sure that we're getting consistently gorgeous images for your brand - YEAR ROUND. On top of all of that, if you sign up before July 14th, for any of them, you'll also get the Social Media Content Calendar, the Press Kit Template, and the Guide to Looking Better in Photos! 

If you're interested, click HERE and let me know in the subject line that you're wanting to be a KHP Insider! 


"What are you waiting for?! Sign up!"

"What are you waiting for?! Sign up!"