Business Branding - Website Design

I wanted to show an example of exactly HOW you would use the final result from your Branding Photoshoot to really set yourself apart. Today's client feature is The Vanity Room, located in the same Millyard as our studio. If you take a look at their website, you can see it's smooth, easy to navigate and beautiful. You get an instant sense of what the salon feels like, and what you can expect when you walk in. Simply put, you can tell that the experience is going to be good, and it gets you excited to book, right?

When shooting for a website specifically, we discuss the final layout as part of the planning process. Will you need a banner image across the top? Just one, or a different one for each page? 

Do you want a page showing just headshots of your team, or a collage of images showing the energy your team has when working together, like the Vanity Room did? There's no right answers here, but being specific and deliberate while planning leads to a final result that you love, and that your target clients will adore.

Speaking of, have you thought about WHO you're even trying to appeal to in these photos? Who are you speaking to? Your branding should be authentic to who you are as a business, but by being really clear on who you serve, we'll be able to create images that speak to your target clients immediately. Let's make them fall in love at first sight! 

Back to how you use these images... I always recommend having (at least) two really amazing bio images. One that is suitable for press, something more formal (but NOT boring) that has you looking directly at the camera, sitting still, and that would print well in black and white (if the newspaper chose to do that). The other can be an action shot, of you doing what you love, or working intently on your laptop, or laughing enjoying the amazing life you have. This would be wonderful on your bio page on your website, and for social media use. Let clients get a glimpse of the real you, with your guard down a bit. 

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. - Simon Sanek, Start With Why

Having gorgeous photos for your business help your clients understand what you do, and who you do it for. Your website is your calling card on the internet, that everyone looks at when choosing to hire you. Let's make sure it's conveying what you need it to, and helping you book more business.

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